7 Precise Crypto Trading tricks nobody will tell you!

Do we need a strategy for everything?

Yes. Typically yes. A dream without a plan is just a wish. Ever heard this quote? A strong strategy coupled with the best timing can take you places. Trust us, it has worked. 

This blog will reveal commanding strategies and the reasons to have them. Though this can’t be your outright guideline for a successful trade, this sure will be an eye-opener. 

What is it like to invest in cryptos?

To be precise, ‘holding on for dear life’. 

One bad decision, and boom! All your money vanishes. 

Worry not, mate! This was ages back. Now, with all the game plans the scenario has changed.  You get to earn big and you’d only lose bucks if you play mindlessly. 

New investments and new plans will always be intriguing. However, we have to keep an eye on ourselves when we start getting bored. That’s when mistakes happen. The market never closes, but our eyes have to. 

The market does not need a buffer time, there is no downtime in the crypto realm. However, us mortal beings need some. 

Let’s get started

Select a reliable crypto exchange

It is important that you choose a trust-worthy crypto exchange platform to execute your trades.

This is essentially a platform that operates on the basis of trading, which permits either cryptos or fiat or sometimes both, based on its nature.

Here are the best tips to choose the right one. 

  1. See if the accessibility is great. Not all of us have similar lifestyles. If you can access your exchange platform from multiple devices, it would be more convenient. Apparently, we can’t ask cryptos to stop surging until we open and set up our devices.
  2. The exchange platform you choose must provide you with all the required details. Even if not all, at least income statement price-earnings ratio, dividend yield, earnings per share, balance sheet, etc. surging until we open and set up our devices. 
  3. Is it worth every penny you pour in? Unpleasant surprises are undeniable in exchange platforms. Hefty transaction prices can take a toll on your profit. Make sure there is a live calculator that shows you how much you spend on each attribute they provide. 
  4. Does the exchange platform offer you global connectivity? If you’re an avid trader, you’d prefer to play it big. You would like to trade across the globe and make the most of the opportunities. That’s human nature. Hence, be confident whether they offer global connectivity.
  5. Does it give you proper trading tools? This is a crucial part to inspect when you are planning to select the best trading platform. The better the tools, the more convenient you will be. Also, the chance of playing good is relatively high.

Choose the right currency

Playing safe does not mean trading with only one currency. It is safe to buy multi-currencies and trade as and when the prices surge or plunge. If you’re skeptical, then here’re what you can choose your cryptocurrency based on! 

  1. If you are making a long-term investment plan, it is important that you consider the float and maximum supply into account. With Bitcoins, only 21 billion will be created. 
  2. When that’s done, only the demand and supply will determine coin circulation. There is a supply dynamics theory for every coin that you have to study before choosing.
  3. Watch the availability of the coin. Just because it is easily available it does not mean the coin has high value and vice versa. Do complete research before you step into this. The reason being, buying the right coin plays a major role in trade victory. 
  4. Consider the storage options when you have to buy a currency. Are they easy to store in different wallets? Are they even compatible, do you have enough security to trust it and a lot more. 

The most important part that you’ve been scrolling for!

1. Market Volatility

Like mentioned before, the prices fluctuate. Surges one moment and plunges in the fracción of a second. It is important that you don’t panic at these times and maintain serenity. 

It is common to lose a few bucks by the time you wake up from your power nap. There are solutions to such challenges, but we will speak about it later. 

2. Winning and losing is a part and parcel of trading

You don’t always win; the same way, you don’t always lose. However, if you shouldn’t lose big, make sure you follow the right strategies. 

A lot of forums have traders (mortal beings) guiding a lot of people on the knacks of trading. If you’re curious you can take part too.

Don’t rush and buy coins just because the deal is closing. Be sure to have a game plan before you do that. 

3. Only invest in what you can afford to lose

You can’t put all our eggs in one basket. You can’t lose all that you have.  The chances of negative results are way too high. 

It is advisable to invest only a part of your money and reserve the rest for emergency situations. Always split your funds and maintain a proper and well-structured portfolio. 

A lot of companies offer crypto portfolio management software, you can check on them if you’d like. 

4.Research thoroughly

Don’t believe all that a person says or does. Chances of deception are huge. When it comes to investment, you do your research and go by your guts. 

What’s right for one person may be wrong for the other. That’s because the strategies vary and the needs vary. No one is to blame here. 

Be very cautious about whether your plans justify your investment goals or not. If you are planning on long term investment, the strategies may vary from that of the person doing short term business. Never confuse with both. 

5. Fear Of Missing Out

Just because a currency has been doing well for a couple of days, it doesn’t mean you should invest in it too. Wait and do your research. Speak to the experts, read bots’ prediction and decide. 

Not losing anything is better than losing everything because of a bad plan and investment. Remember, every coin has its day. 

6. Diversify your portfolio

It important that you invest in multi-currencies. However, if you are a beginner it is sufficient to start with a few as low as 5 to 10. 

Once you get a hold of the market and understand how it works, you are ready to do walk on your own feet. Until then, play safe. 

Like mentioned before, choose the right portfolio providers. 

7. If you’re day trading use stop-loss 

Day trading refers to buying and selling financial instruments on the same day as the trade. It essentially means that all the positions he or she opened will be closed by the end of the day.

Every bot lets you set a stop-loss point where you can sell off your currencies to avoid drastic losses. If you are running to grab your lunch it is good to set stop loss percentage. 

Don’t panic buy the cryptos, thinking you shouldn’t lose them. The best thing is to hold some in reserve.

What are we trying to tell you here?


Just some tips to help you understand how crypto trading works and how you should be careful with your investments.

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