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NexFolio – An AI-Powered Crypto Trading Bot

A next-gen trading platform & portfolio management tool for trading masters. NexFolio is programmed with AI-Powered crypto trading bot and automated principles.

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable and volatile. Cryptocurrency prices rise and fall dramatically within a short span of time. Traders have to stay active and spend one-third of their day trading. Even a single minute of distraction can lead to a huge loss.

NexFolio is a smart and automated platform, developed for traders to trade with minimal risks, reduced losses, and greater profits.

About NexFolio

NexFolio is a smart crypto trading platform with an intuitive crypto portfolio and different trading styles. Traders, after signing up, can choose from a variety of plans, including a 3-day free trial. With NexFolio, traders can buy, sell, and monitor crypto-assets at their will. NexFolio offers a referral program through which both the referrer and the new joiner are benefited.

How Signal Trading is Beneficial for Traders?

It’s easy and hassle-free when you have reliable assistance while trading. NexFolio provides traders with the top-grossing signals. Users have to select the Signal Pair of their choice and set the Stop-Loss & Fixed-Profit percentages before placing Buy or Sell order. Having the top Signal Pairs on your side is the best way to fill your account with profits.

Why choose Automated Signal Trading?

Technology is invading each and every sector! To be accurate, automation is being employed in every line of business and we are no exception. NexFolio is designed with automated principles to provide users with a smooth and hassle-free trading experience. What’s the benefit in that? Users will only have to set the Fixed Profit and Stop-Loss percentages. NexFolio takes care of the rest while traders can relax.

How NexFolio is Different from other Trading Platforms?

A unique feature of NexFolio that traders won’t find in other platforms is ‘Editable Stop-Loss and Fixed Profit Percentages.’ With this functionality, active traders will be able to edit and alter the preset percentages even when the trading is active.

Features that users will find beneficial

Who doesn’t want a portfolio or a tool to monitor their assets? Everyone does! Monitoring the asset balance is now easier with NexFolio’s innovative Crypto Portfolio. A pictorial depiction shows the users their balance in the form of a graph or chart.

NexFolio doesn’t limit the traders from choosing the coin pairs. There are more than 200 crypto coin pairs to pick from. And one more advantage is that the real-time market value of the chosen pair displays on the screen so that the traders can decide which pair is the best option.

It feels good when you can predict the future, ain’t it? NexFolio is programmed with more than 90 Candlestick Patterns to predict the future crypto market fluctuations. Traders can plan their upcoming buy and sell decisions with this futuristic feature.

NexFolio holds unique and very own Algorithm-based Indicators as well as more than 40 Standard Indicators. These technical indicators assist the trading masters with current Crypto Market Trends and Moving Averages and so they can plan their orders accordingly.

NexFolio crafts its own customized strategies to depict the technical overlays on the live crypto market graph. Hodling traders who are fond of holding the assets can plan their future Buy and Sell decisions hassle-free with these strategies.

Traders in the NexFolio platform can set the Fixed Sell amount. This functionality helps to avoid any losses when the trader is inactive. Once the selling point reaches, a sell request is initiated on behalf of the user automatically.

NexFolio follows Risk & Money Management strategies to limit the traders with minimum and maximum funds to be invested. Traders can now safely buy and sell crypto assets without any second thoughts and attain huge profits with no losses.

Two-Factor Authentication is one of the top security gateways to date. Every time a user logs into NexFolio, he/she has to enter an authentication code. Users can also enable/disable the 2FA Setting from their account.

This is a good time to enhance your trading processes and attain huge benefits.

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