How to set up a NexFolio Account?

1.About NexFolio
4.API Integration

What is NexFolio?

With the crypto world continuing to bloom, cryptocurrency traders are being benefited with innovative services designed to make the trading process simple and hassle-free, and thus, assist traders of all levels to record consistent gains.

One such service and a new gamechanger in the competitive crypto market is NexFolio. NexFolio is a smart crypto trading bot engineered with automation and Artificial Intelligence. This trading platform is embedded with a number of tools designed to improve overall trading efficiency and effectiveness. The team behind the product aims at minimizing investors’ risks, and maximizing their profits while also limiting their exposure to losses.

Key Features of NexFolio Include:

  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker
  • Fixed Sell Functionality
  • Editable Stop-Loss & Fixed Profit
  • Money & Risk Management Strategies
  • Technical Indicators & Candlestick Patterns, and more.

As a user, after registering in NexFolio, you have an option to choose the automatic trading signals along with a paid plan and configure the bot according to your requirements to trade on your behalf. Additionally, you have a portfolio to track the analytics of the crypto assets you own.

Users on the NexFolio platform can make use of smart trading to customize their own trading strategies with Stop-Loss & Fixed Profit percentages.

Create a NexFolio Account in 60 Seconds!

You just need a username, a valid email address and password, and the referral code if you have one, to register in NexFolio.

Entering the necessary credentials and verifying the email creates your account on the NexFolio platform within a minute.

After that, go to the Authorization page, key in the registered email and password, and then sign into NexFolio.

You will see a plain Dashboard from where you have to either choose a premium plan or join the free trial to proceed further. Click Choose Plan, and you’ll be directed to the Pricing page where you can either opt for joining the trial or purchasing a premium plan.

About NexFolio Referral Program

When you refer a friend or when you’re referred by a friend to join the NexFolio platform, both you and your friend receive discounts and commissions through the NexFolio Referral Program.

If a user registers the platform with your unique referral code, he/she receives an instant discount on the chosen plan. For instance, let’s assume a new user registers and purchases our six-month plan that normally costs €480 for six months. However, if he joins with your ‘xyz’ code, then the price after discount sums up to €360 for six months.

Likewise, when a user joins our platform with your referral code, you receive a 15% commission on the chosen subscription.

Pricing Structure

We provide three different paid plans, all having the same features such as Automated Trading, Crypto Bot, FX Trading & Trade Signals, with varying duration.

Apart from the paid packs, we do offer a 3-day free trial that is one of the best in the market. We don’t restrict on the features a user gets when opting for the free version, therefore, you will get the same set of features as available in our paid plans.

Nexfolio pricing

API Key Integration

Congratulations on setting up an account with NexFolio. Each trading platform needs assistance from a crypto exchange for a seamless operation. As of now, NexFolio is partnered with Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

The process is simple. If you’re a Binance user, just get your API key from the Binance app/website and use it when prompted. That’s it!

If you do not have a Binance account, kindly register here

Getting Ready to Trade

With everything set, you’re now ready to trade! Visit “How to Trade in NexFolio” to understand the tips and tricks of trading.

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