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Manual trading is good, but Automated trading is better!

Manual traders spend almost 1/3rd of their day sitting in front of a computer and looking for a profitable trading opportunity. If you are a manual trader, you can make the right decisions as long as you stay active in the crypto market.

But what if things go south? What will happen when you are busy doing some other work, and there’s no one to trade?

Did you know that the most painful part in manual trading is that when a profitable window opens, the trader would have slept or been busy with a personal task?

So what should you do if you don’t want to miss out the opportunities like some manual traders?

Just adapt to Automated Trading.

To keep it simple, automated trading is the process through which you configure a bot to trade on your behalf. This bot is a computer program that trades 24/7 and helps you make money even while you sleep.

Setting up a crypto trading bot is a piece of cake. You need to set the funds, take-profit/stop-loss percentage, and other basic conditions. When you activate the bot, it waits until all the predefined conditions are met and executes the trade.

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