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Are you new to crypto trading and need professional advice to start? Do you need advanced tools to improve your trading? Or do you prefer passive earning from holding? NEXFOLIO HAS IT ALL. NexFolio makes crypto trading and crypto earning a smooth experience for beginners and pro traders alike.

NexFolio facilitates automated crypto trading using bots and trading signals. You can buy and configure different trading bots to never miss an opportunity and profit from trading round the clock. NexFolio offers the best and flexible ways to hold and earn cryptos for investors.

What’s New?

Convenient & Rich UI (User Interface)
Smart Trading Algorithms
Advanced Charts
Portfolio Management
Instant Coin Swapping
AI-based Technical Analysis
Flexible & Fixed Earnings
Trading Bots with Signals, and more on the way.

Trade with AI and Automation

With the potential benefits of AI-powered, automated crypto trading bots, NexFolio gives you a strategic approach to trade cryptocurrencies. We have listed different trading bots, each developed with a unique trading strategy. You can deploy one or more bots and keep your trading operations running non-stop.

NexFolio Trading Bots & Signals

We have 17+ trading bots, each developed with a unique trading strategy suited for a specific market movement. You can buy any number of bots and keep all of them active at the same time. This way, you can increase your profits as well. Our bots make everything automated. You just need to allocate the funds and set the stop-loss/take-profit percentage. The bot takes care of the rest. A few of our user-preferred crypto trading bots are ONE, CandleTrade, SBSS, Groot, and BTCThunder.

Our bots help you make better trading decisions through trading signals (triggers). The Signals are generated based on the market trends, patterns, and predictions from our algorithms. The Signals’ accuracies and profit percentages may change depending on the market conditions. Here are some of our top signals: SBSL, LTB, and FX_ATH.

Instant Coin Swapping

NexFolio supports more than 600 cryptos, including coins, tokens, and stablecoins. You can “Swap” your cryptocurrencies with our Instant Swap feature. Unlike other platforms, NexFolio charges zero to meager conversion fees. The high liquidity in our platform allows you to convert any crypto of your choice without going to other conversion marketplaces. An added advantage is that the transactions get settled for both parties in real-time.

Charting & Trading Algorithms

NexFolio incorporates a dynamic technical analysis tool to generate crypto signals. Our signals indicator reads multiple patterns, trends, and market movements. If you are well-versed in charting, you can also read, draw, and predict the market changes on your own. Besides, we have our built standard algorithms to analyze candlestick patterns, technical indicators, and overlays to provide you with the best buy and sell decisions.

An Introduction To Hold & Earn

We offer flexible and fixed Crypto Holding plans you can use to earn cryptocurrencies. You can choose the desired crypto from the list of available currencies and subscribe to the plan of your choice.

Flexible Holding

Flexible Holding offers you good returns on your investments. You can deposit your crypto funds in the Nex Vault and your earning period starts the next day. In the Flexible plan, there is no preset tenure, and the interests are calculated daily. You can break the plan and withdraw the investment & accumulated profits to date at your will.

Fixed Holding

Fixed Holding is comparatively better than Flexible Holding and offers higher ROI. You can set a duration (in months) for your funds to accrue interest. Though the accessibility to your investments is restricted during the holding tenure, the profit weightage is more.

We welcome you to the most practical crypto Tool

Trading? Earning? We have everything. Begin your crypto journey with NexFolio.

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