The birth of NexFolio – the beginning of a new crypto trading era

Firstly why should you read this blog? 

  1. You will know how NexFolio was created
  2. The purpose behind NexFolio’s birth
  3. How to trade with it
  4. Whether it is really profitable or not. 

Firstly, what is a trading bot?  

How is this different from a human trader?

A trading bot is an AI-powered software that performs trading tasks on behalf of their human counterparts. The best thing about this software is that it works and deploys the best-suited strategy for any trading scenario. 

This, in fact, is quite a tough task for a mortal being to do and takes decades to master the skills. Besides that, the challenges that a mortal being has to face are innumerable compared to trading software.

How & why was NexFolio created?

The primary reason behind NexFolio’s birth is the lack of trust in numerous faulty trading bots in the market. Those trading bots, besides being defective, were also too difficult for a common man to use. 

NexFolio bridges the gap that falls between a flawless, feature-rich trading bot and a user-friendly one. Making it easy for a common man to use NexFolio crypto trading bot with zero glitches.

Now, after intense market research and analysis, a clear plan was drafted for making NexFolio. After numerous trials, one fine version was created. 

NexFolio – the best features.

The first and the most favourite features of NexFolio include editable stop-loss, easy-to-set profit percentages, daily market reports, strategic investment ideas and a lot more. 

This not only is a crypto trading software but also a platform to gain knowledge as you trade. It gives you the right investment ideas and helps you gain profit without having to overthink. 

Now, you can also integrate NexFolio into smart trade. This way trading becomes a stress-free job and you get to relax while the bot does the miracles. 

How to trade using NexFolio?

Trading with NexFolio is easy. You first have to sign in. then choose the plan that suits you, then go on with API key integration. Once that is done, you are ready to trade and can start configuring your bot with your strategies. 

This platform acts as a place where you can sell your strategies and get exposed to new ones too. If you are looking for market trends, you are sure to get that as well. 

Is it really profitable and my final standpoint!

Yes, Nexfolio is more profitable than most of the trading bots available in the market. It is backed by the intense research and high-end features absolutely comfortable for a common trader to use. 

It is secure and does not ask you anything more than strategies. How about starting your crypto exploration now?

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